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Orthodox Archdiocese Alba IuliaHistory – Culture – Spirituality


 Orthodox Archdiocese Alba Iulia History – Culture – Spirituality

Today, Alba Iulia, a town situated in the central part of Transylvania, guarded from above by God and on the land by the flow of the river Mureş and by the natural fortress of the Apuseni Mountains, opens largely its gates for visitors from everywhere. All the people that come here step on a blessed land, sanctified by the martyrs of faith and by heroes of our nation, by great creators of country unity and founders of Romanian language and culture. The majestic Coronation Cathedral awaits and receives tourists and pilgrims alike, in order to tell them about the greatness of a people who was born, not made Christian. With the power of the cross, this people defeated secular hardships and advances today through the turmoil of this century, trusting God’s providence.

† Irineu, Archbishop of Alba Iulia

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